Apple iPhone 17 Plus Screen Size Reveal

Apple iPhone 17 Plus Screen Size Reveal

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There are a lot of rumors and leaks about the new Apple 17 Plus coming from Apple, inside it is being told that the screen size of Apple iPhone 17 Plus will be smaller in which its screen size is said to be less than 6.7 inches. Here you will find the difference between iPhone 17 Plus and iPhone 17 Pro Max models.

The information about iPhone 17 Plus screen size has been explained to you very easily through this article, for this you will have to read the entire item carefully.

Apple iPhone 17 Plus Screen Size Reveal

iPhone 17 Plus Screen Size

The news is coming from Rose Young, who is the CEO of Screen Supply Chain Consultancy DSCC Company, who recently tweeted that he is learning a lot from the supply chain channel where the screen size Apple’s iPhone 17 Plus is smaller, but it not yet discloses the actual screen size.

However, currently the size of iPhone 15 Plus is seen to be the same as that of iPhone 15 Pro Max. If these rumors are true, then we can see the iPhone 17 series in small screen where there will be a lot of difference between the Plus model and Pro Max model.

Earlier, some news had started about iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max where it was being told that it will have 6.3 inch and 6.9-inch display. If you have got any information from this article, then you can join our Telegram group. You can also join because we keep posting the latest information and news there, the link to which will be found below.

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